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Vini Beachem

Vini Beachem is a graduate of the KPFA Affirmative Action Apprenticeship program. Beside his involvement with the radio theater projects On Air-otica and Rumor Mill Radio Theater, Vini is an accomplished audio documentary producer, director and engineer. Hes tried to find some positive definitions for the word "fool" but couldnt. He believes The Radio Project will change that. His motto: "Foolish things come to those who wait." Or is it "A Fool waits for no man?" Whatever.

Mary Bishop

Mary Bishop began her career in radio production with the Rumor Radio Theater Group in 1995 and continues to produce programming for the KPFA Drama and Literature Department. She is looking forward to utilizing her talents of directing and engineering with the Fools and is optimistic about creating art of fine quality with them.

Bob Dubow

Bob Dubow has been lurking around writers and performers for years. An odd love of numbers and even greater lack of talent has kept him behind the scenes, cooking the books for such places as a newspaper and a book publisher. Hes thrilled to be adding things up for Pagliaccis Fools. Bob lives in Alameda with his wife Lilian and his daughter, the budding actress/writer, Jessica.

Dan Epstein

Dan is an engineer, sound effects designer, and Foley artist for Pagliaccis Fools. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Epstein can trace his lineage all the way back to the first single cell organism. He attended George Washington University where he majored in Chinese and East Asian studies. Upon graduating, he enlisted in the US Army, and it was during his nearly five-year tour of duty that he gained his audio and video production background.

After leaving the Army in 1986, he moved to San Diego, and soon became one of the three main writers, producers and performers of KBCH-TV, a cable TV comedy series seen in San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago. In 1989 along with fellow KBCH producer Erik Villesvik, he created The Cabinet of Dr. Marconi, a radio sketch comedy series. Their early material was aired by the Firesign Theaters David Ossman on his program Ossmans Audiola in Seattle, and by Dan Coffey on his Iowa Radio Project program. Their first full-length program, Everything Under the Sun, a send up of NPRs All Things Considered, was aired by Ossman and by the Radio Works network. In 1996, Dan directed and edited Not Another Talk Show, a half-hour talk radio satire penned by Erik and starring another member of the Firesign Theater, Phil Proctor.

In addition to his role as a Fool and producer of radio comedy, hes also a jazz DJ and producer of jazz-related feature programs. Since 1998, Dans been with KCSM FM as a regular fill for A Morning Cup of Jazz, KCSMs morning show. Before coming to the Bay Area, Dan was with KSDS FM in San Diego from 1991 to 1997. In addition to his weekly program of mainstream, classic, progressive and offbeat jazz, he produced three feature programs. The first was Jazz & Beat Poetry, an hour-long feature of spoken word, music, interviews and original commentary on the relationship between jazz and Beat literature. In 1994 he produced Artists on the Cutting Edge, an hour-long program of highlights from the 1994 season of the Artists On The Cutting Edge performance series, and interviews with series curator Quincy Troupe, poet Allen Ginsberg and tenor saxophonist Charles McPherson. His last project for KSDS was Border Voices, a half-hour program featuring a performance by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and saxophonist Charles McPherson at the 1997 Border Voices Poetry Fair in San Diego.

Leona Jacobs-White

Leona Jacobs-White was probably the only Fool who remembers the classic radio theater shows first hand. She was an experienced audio artist having been a producer, host, talent and inspiration for many at KPFA. Leona was a Bay Area native and a true jewel of the airwaves. She loves good food, good music and good friends. Leona passed away January of 2001. We miss her very much.

Sonia Rawal

Sonia Rawal has worked in the audio arts for the last ten years. After graduating from the KPFA Affirmative Action Program she became co-producer/co-founder of On Air-otica and Rumor Mill Radio Theater. She has dabbled in the fields of film and theater sound. Her dream is to make Pagliaccis Fools radio dramas and "Dramascapes" accessible to the rest of the world. Sonia will direct and engineer for The Radio Project. She is proud to be a Fool.

Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell is a veteran performer, writer, producer and engineer of radio drama and comedy. She is a graduate of San Francisco State, KPFA's apprenticeship program and the Bob and Ray Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Mary Salome

Mary Salome grew up "developing leftist sensibilities" in politically conservative environments. At the age of 17 she moved to Santa Cruz, the mother lode of such sensibilities, where she completed a BA in Womens Studies and Anthropology and later an MA in Communications at Stanford. She is a graduate of the KPFA affirmative action training program. Her producing credits include "Queer in Your Ear" at KPFA, "SoundBody" for PlanetOut Radio, and a five part series called "Nightmares and Lullabies," an international focus on children and trauma.

She has also created the sound design for the award winning radio project "The Women and Cancer Radio Project." She currently finds herself at HIV InSite, using audio and text to bring HIV/AIDS research to people online. She built this site.


Timothy Beagley

An actor for many years, Timothy has recently been moving into the directing field. Last fall, he directed a production of "Twelve Angry Men" at Chanticleers Theatre in Castro Valley, CA. As an actor, Timothy has played Felix in "The Odd Couple". His favorite roles include Stephen Maryk in "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial" (Role Players Ensemble); Sam, the "pickleman", in "Crossing Delancey" (California Conservatory Theatre); and Robert in "Don't Dress for Dinner" (Contra Costa Civic Theatre). Additional credits include: "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" (Masquers Playhouse), "Assassins" (UC Berkeley), "Weekend Comedy" (OnStage Theatre), "Auntie Mame" (Willows Theatre), "Evita", "The Student Prince", "Phantom" (Diablo Light Opera), "Brigadoon" (Contra Costa Musical Theater) and "South Pacific" (Peninsula Civic Light Opera).

In addition to his theater work, Timothy has worked as voice-over talent for the TV Station KTSF-26 (when they had more English Language programming, that is). He is very glad to be a member of the original cast of "Pagliacci's Fools" and notes that his birthday is April Fool's Day (for those who know him well, it was quite an appropriate day for him to be born on!)

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is one of three Scott Campbells doing theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he cheerfully takes credit for all of their performances. If you've seen a brilliant performance by Scott Campbell, never mind how old he is or what he looks like, this is the guy. If you saw a lousy performance, it was one of the other ones.

Scott has appeared in San Francisco in popular productions of "10 Naked Men" and "Entree to Murder," and has toured the midwest doing children's theater with the brilliant Terisa Greenan.

Bill Chessman

Although you can't tell on the radio, Bill Chessman is very tall. When he's not doing radio performing, he's been known to participate in theatrical adventures. He's performed on both sides of the Atlantic (that being Edinburgh, Scotland and San Francisco) and on both sides of the San Francisco Bay (that being San Francisco and a whole bunch of East Bay venues). When he's not performing in live theater, he's fighting to learn the guitar (the guitar is still winning). He's working with a couple of other musicians to build a little 3-4 piece band (mostly rock 'n roll-- he can almost sing and play at the same time now.) When he's not struggling with the guitar, he tries to write (plays, fiction and humor though lately it's been mostly limericks-- and they're not even dirty! --help!) Though he's never been published, one of his ten-minute plays was performed at City College of San Francisco and at the 1999 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Oh yeah, and when he's not doing any of the above or sleeping, he's probably working as a computer programmer, but the therapy sessions have only just begun and he's confident he'll make a full recovery.

Bill Clemente

Bill Clemente Arrived in Bay Area circa '71 "because they told me it never rains! " A number of people commented that "he's pretty funny" and suggested he try acting because "he 's so entertaining." Those suggestions fell on deaf ears until he was desolate and penniless, and someone wagered him $10.00 (American money) that he wouldn't attend an audition for a local theater. Needing the money, he went and much to his amazement he was cast. The play, "Solid Gold Cadillac" was the beginning of history. His next two auditions netted four separate roles in back to back productions: "A View from a Bridge," "My Three Angles," "Summer and Smoke," and "Death of a Salesman."  Bill is trying his skill in front of the camera with some extra work in "Patch Adams", a PSA entitled C.O.R.E. with KTVU 2 and a handful of local shorts and videos. Bill admits his involvement with Pagliacci's Fools, which has opened his eyes to the world of voice over and Foley artist. When asked what was his "luckiest day" he proudly admits it's a tie between winning that $10 wager and meeting his better half, Bert.

Susan Dills

A multi-decade veteran of stage, screen and television, Susan has performed nationally and internationally as a singer, actress and narrator. A native San Franciscan, she has always held radio theatre near and dear to her heart, and is deeply appreciative of the opportunity to participate in Pagliaccis Fools.

Terisa Greenan

Terisa is almost always appearing in a stage play somewhere. In addition, she has toured with the Hampstead Players, danced with Northern California Ballet, and acted in television commercials, industrial videos, radio dramas, interactive CD-ROM's and many independent films, including "Sleep Come Free Me," named "best short film" at the 1998 International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and screened at festivals worldwide.

Claudine Jones

A Frequent Performer In Many Bay Area Venues, Ms. Jones Received And Still Receives, Training And Mentoring From Local Teachers She Remembers Fondly, In Dance, Theatre, Film, And Voice, Among Them William Hay, Lucille Bliss, Winston Gray, Joe Bellan, Ed Hooks And Lillian Loran. Roles Include Grusinskaya In Grand Hotel, Bella In Gaslight, Dr. Rance In What The Butler Saw, Anna Maurrant Street Scene, The Witch Of The West In Wizard Of Oz, Mrs. Ravenscroft In Ravenscroft, Aunt Margaret In The Good Times Are Killing Me, Lotte In Lettice And Lovage, Gertrude In Fortinbras, Maggie In Lady In The Dark, Dotty In Noises Off (Winner, Best Actress 1998 Stage 1 Rep ), Joanne In Company, Helga Ten Dorp In Deathtrap, Andr»E In Gigi, And Mother In Ceremony Of The Dead. She Enjoys Membership In Several Show Biz Online Discussion Groups And Staying In Touch With Three Sons, Two Brothers And One Mom, And She Owns And Operates Her Own Theremin.

Emily Jordan

After moving to the Bay Area a few years ago, Emily rapidly became absorbed in the exciting and varied theatre-arts scene she found here. She's appeared in plays at theatres throughout the region, as well as several independent films, and she has recently become a player with the internationally renowned improvisational theatre company, Bay Area Theatre Sports. Emily joined the Pagliacci's Fools talent pool in 1999 and really loves the work; "The people are great, the medium is fascinating, and where else would I get the opportunity to play parts like Lady Cassandra, the old Irish hag?"

Lisa Kang

Lisa has been acting in theatre and film around the Bay Area for a while, now. She was most recently seen as Desdemona's father in Othello and many. many others in Antony & Cleopatra in the Bay Area Shakespeare Marathon. One of her favorite things about acting is to "talk words" and is very happy to be doing new words with the Fools.

Latania Lewis

Latania Lewis has performed for several years throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She has completed many stage, film, video, and voice-over productions. This summer she was seen in two Shakespearean productions: “Comedy of Errors” and “As You Like It.” Look for her in the upcoming films “Override”, “EB 280” and “Pros and Cons”. When not performing herself she works with youth as a drama instructor.

Suzan Lorraine

Suzan Lorraine began her theater career at the age of seven playing Christmas Past, Present and Future in the Christmas Carol. Since then, she has stage managed, teched, and directed in many of the community theaters in the East Bay. Favorite directing assignments are Damned Yankees at Altarena in Alameda, Run for Your Wife in Castro Valley, and a one-act in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. During the SLA/Patty Hearst drama, Suzan used her 'almost' degree in journalism on the Women's News program at KPFA and actually hosted the Morning Show one day. After a 10-12 year stint away from theater racing sailboats, she decided to get re-involved and has landed with the Fools. She thinks she's a bit of a techie so she's done some foley and is learning how to do digital editing (somewhat different from the old cut-and-tape process!). Suzan is looking forward to directing a show or two for Fools - or whatever Vini wants her to do!

Matt McCone

Matt McCone has been in the commercial voice over game for three years. He was trained by renowned voice over actor and producer Jay Ginsberg. After joining the Fools in it's inception, Matt has thus far participated in three shows: He played "Buck" in "Empress Niger and the One-eyed Jack", "Farley Matson Yowser" in "Anything Can Happen" and had two separate roles in "Woyzek". Since getting involved with the Fools, Matt realized that he enjoyed dramatic acting as well as commercial acting. Because of this, he started dramatic training with Gwyneth Richards at the College of Marin. He is now pursuing a career in stage acting as well as working with the Fools whenever he's needed. Matt has a voice over demo available upon request.

Dennis O'Brien

Dennis O'Brien has performed on stages all over the Bay Area, appearing most recently as Bob Acres in "Deconstructing the Rivals" with Actors Theatre of Sonoma. He has also been seen as Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet: A Most Excellent Tragedy" with Theatre on San Pedro Square, Petruchio in "Taming of the Shrew" with San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, and Martin in "Fool For Love" with the Paduca Mining Company. An accomplished actor in children's theatre, Dennis has performed in schools and auditoriums through out California and the United States.

Dorothea Rastegar

Dorothea Rastegar received her acting training in her misspent youth at U.C. Berkeley.  She has enjoyed playing many characters, but her favorites include the title role in Othello, Tevye in Fiddler, and Stanley in Streetcar.  Since her surgery she has appeared at various East Bay venues, including Masquers, Actors Ensemble, CCCT, Altarena, Oakland Civic Theater, Pittsburgh Community Theater, Onstage Theater, and Galatians Players Ensemble. In real life she is a mother of two, who are also actors in community theater.

Katja Rivera

Katja Rivera is a native of Los Angeles, and joined The Fools in the Summer of 2000. She trained at LACC's Theater Academy, then moved north to train at the Drama Studio London at Berkeley. She's performed in and around the Bay Area, including with Theater Rhinoceros, The Magic, Geoffrey Chaucer and Shotgun Theater. In the last year she has directed with Eastenders and Shotgun Theater. She loves being a soccer mom, and can't wait for her knee to get better so she can do another marathon.

Andrew Rosenbach

Andrew Rosenbach performs in his third radio drama with Pagliacci's Fools. Other credits include work on stage and screen. In his free time he enjoys eating in the sunlight. Current projects include the Bay Area Shakespeare Marathon and appearing in True West, a Sinclair St. production.

Paul Santiago

Paul Santiago has been performing in the Bay Area for over 20 years. In addition to film and television, his list of roles have ranged from the traditional historical classical of Shakespeare and the Greeks to the traditional classical of Ibsen, Chechov, Williams and O'Neil. He has also performed in works by Shanley, Weise and Stoppard.

Kenneth Simon

Ken has performed in school and community productions since he was a young child. His experience includes improvisational comedy, comedic and dramatic roles and voice-over work.

Ken studied improvisational comedy at the L.A. Connection Comedy Theater, and then co-founded, directed and performed in the New & Improv'd Comedy Troupe. He has taken theater courses at the University of California at Santa Cruz and Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson, New York.

Performance Experience: Pagliacci's Fools Oakland, California. Bloomington Playwright's Project, Bloomington, Indiana. New and Improv'd Comedy Troupe, Santa Cruz, California. L.A. Connection Comedy Theater, Sherman Oaks, California. Los Angeles Unified School District Educational Media, Los Angeles, California.

Marty Steiner

Although Marty started college as a theater arts major (English actually won the academic wrestling match), the acting & performing bug has for the most part been dormant. Oh, well . . . of course . . . in the mid and late 70's there were those library & bookstore children's book readings. . . in the 80's there were those annual puppet show performances for San Carlos' Art in the Park festivals ... And then in the mid 90's he started writing and performing audio ads for Bank of America . . . Marty has done radio and TV voice-over commercials for Saturn cars, Hoogasian Flowers, Cellular World, Dish-TV; background acting in Ron Howard's "ED-TV"; on-camera acting in a number of independent and student film and video productions and has been a clown juggler the Marin County Fair and the San Mateo Highland's 4th of July Parade.

Marty sits on the Board of Directors of Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. a company solely dedicated to putting "The Canterbury Tales" on stage in a series of Modern English theatrical performances.

Marty has a free voice-over demo tape available upon request. He is proud & honored to be a Fool.

Susan Swift

Susan Swift, Ph.D. is a freelance writer/consultant to CNN, The San Francisco International Film Festival, and Film Quarterly. Deep down, she is a major Diva, clearing her throat and clearing the room at the slightest provocation.

Penny Werner

Penny Werner is a graphic artist who also does voice work for computer games and web sites. With the Fools, she has played the role of "Marie" in Woyzek, and is, but doesn't want to be typecasted as, "Eunuch Boy" in the Adventures of Yes-Man. Penny loves working with the Fools and will take any role she can get her hands on.

Mark Zucker

Mark Zucker is a fifth grade teacher who has spent a decade scribbling and howling in utter obscurity. He can occasionally be seen 'sharing' this in public, either alone or with his music partner, but it has been a pleasure for him to step up to the mike as part of this illustrious troupe. In "Critical Commentary", his first piece with the Fools, he played four arch Brits with relish, proving himself to be both foolhardy and Fool-worthy.

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